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Our purpose at Comvita is working in harmony with bees and nature in Aotearoa, New Zealand, to heal and protect the world.  Comvita was founded in 1974 by two New Zealand beekeepers, Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen. Today, nearly 50 years on, we are world leaders in Mānuka honey and propolis. Comvita’s renowned Mānuka honey is independently certified by the UMF™ Honey Association to ensure the quality, purity and authenticity of every drop.

At Comvita we grow and nurture our people, and together we share the power of the hive with the world. Being part of the global Comvita whānau means connection with others around the globe who share your passion for wellness and nature. As a team we aim high and fly with purpose, with us you will experience work which puts you and your wellbeing at its centre. We have humble roots and big dreams to lead New Zealand and the world in a new way of doing business, a way where people and bees thrive together in harmony.

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Our Values

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Our Harmony Plan

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"We stand for and believe in the seemingly impossible
- a world where bees and people thrive together in harmony"

David Banfield, Comvita CEO.

We have set aspirational targets for 2030 based on three key principles:

  • Treading lightly: Forging a new leadership path in sustainability and circularity (net positive by 2030).
  • Embracing the science of nature: Comvita’s whakapapa (our lineage and identity from the beginning) is sharing the power of nature and the hive. We seek to do business in a way which honors both ancient wisdom and our scientific learnings, whilst showing respect and care for our heritage and our place and restoring balance in nature.
  • Strengthening our global hive:
    • Protecting bees since 1974 and supporting native forest regeneration in New Zealand.
    • Aspiring to be best employer nationally and abroad, with safety and wellbeing at the centre and progressive reinvestment in our people.
    • Investing 1% of EBITDA in community partnerships and initiatives to support better social outcomes.

Hive Benefits

Driven by our purpose, our people love working here because of our humble roots, passion for wellbeing and commitment to being the best employer. Being part of the global Comvita whānau means connection with others around the globe who share your passion for wellness and nature.

Some of the benefits our hive members receive are;

  • Monthly care packs to help you prioritise your wellbeing.
  • Annual bonus initiative
  • Career development opportunities
  • Flexible working
  • Birthday leave
  • Health Insurance
  • Life and Trauma Insurance
  • Increased KiwiSaver Employer Contributions

Comvita Waiata

Our Comvita waiata was composed with the guidance of our Global Hive Connectors team, it celebrates our rich history, our connection to the whenua (land), taiao (environment) and acknowledges the original name of the Paengaroa MSC site – Ngā Māra Kūmara o Marukūkere.
As a business in Aotearoa (NZ) we pride ourselves in upholding Māori cultural values by educating others through waiata and sharing our journey, past, present and future.

Special thanks to Stella Maris for putting the waiata lyrics to music and performing it so beautifully.

Comvita Waiata Lyrics

E hikoi whakahi i runga te huarahi kei mua ia mātou.
Kei kōnei mātou te whanau whānui ō Comvita,
Mai Te papakainga o  Paengaroa
o Ngā Māra Kumara o Maukūkere
E tu pakari, e tu Kotahi,
ki te hapai i te kaitiakitanga
me nga kaupapa O te rautaki reretau,
kia ora ai te hunga ora, ngā pī me te taiao.
E hikoi whakahi i runga te huarahi kei mua ia mātou.
He mihi kau ana ki ngā hau e wha o te ao o te pō,
Ko mātou tēnei ngā piki kōtuku o Comvita.
E hikoi whakahi i runga te huarahi kei mua ia mātou.

Here we are representing the global family of Comvita.
From humble beginnings, established within the original kumara gardens of Paengaroa.
We stand sturdy, and we stand in unison, as we elevate kaitiakitanga, and the values of our Harmony Plan.
For the betterment and health of humanity, the bees and the environment.
Globally, we walk together proud, as we continue our journey,
We send our greetings to the four winds – both in the tangible and intangible worlds.
We are uniquely Comvita


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