We’ve been benefiting from the antibacterial qualities of honey for years, but it is only recently that we discovered a natural substance called Bee Propolis. When Propolis is combined with the soothing properties of Mānuka Honey and you have a powerful combination – honey and propolis oral care.

Olive Leaf Extract Oral Spray 20ml


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PFL15 Propolis Oral spray 3-Pack

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PFL30 Propolis Oral spray 3-Pack

$104.98 $73.49

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Propolis Toothpaste 6-Pack

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Propolis Toothpaste box

Propolis Toothpaste 100g

Propolis Toothgel box front

Propolis Toothgel 90g

Propolis Oral Spray box and bottle

Propolis Oral Spray 20ml

Propolis Oral Spray Extra Strength box and bottle

Propolis Oral Spray Extra Strength 20ml


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