Manuka In Bloom - Photo Competition

Rare and pure New Zealand Manuka Honey.

New Zealand Mānuka Honey is made by honeybees from the native Mānuka bush. Over the spring and summer months spectacular blooms of tiny pink and white Mānuka flowers blanket the north island. Each bloom only lasts 2-6 weeks and only happens once each year. It is a precious time full of the hum of honeybees as they flit from flower to flower collecting the powerful nectar as it flows. It is hard to believe that precious UMF™ Mānuka Honey is created in such a small window of opportunity and is truly a wonder of nature.

Celebrating Nature.

To celebrate, this season we asked our Comvita whānau to get out their cameras and capture this magical time. We have discovered that there are some seriously talented photographers not only in our Apiary teams but also in our office and labs teams too. These images showcase a passion for nature that is inherent at Comvita, and we are so happy with the results that we wanted to share them with you too.

Title Image photographer - Richard Bemish-White

Bee on bright white Manuka flowers
Photographer - Helen Chapman
Manuka Flowering on the Sumit
Photographer - Monique Gulbransen
Bees returning to the hive at sunset
Photographer - Lindenberg Gomes
Hives surrounded by Manuka bush
Photographer - Zandro Flotildes 
Classic Kiwi caravan
Photographer - Alejandro Gibson
Manuka flowers in full bloom
Photographer - Alexandru Halasz
Bee on manuka
Photographer - Blake Irving
Bee collecting nectar
Photographer - Carl Humpheries
Bees love Manuka flowers
Photographer - Orchid Zhou



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