Experience a rare moment of harmony with our New Special Reserve Mānuka Honey UMF 25+

We believe that time and nature are some of the most precious gifts in life. So, it’s no surprise that they are the most important ingredients in our latest offering - Comvita’s Limited Edition Special Reserve Mānuka Honey UMF 25+.

It’s taken years of working in harmony with nature to create Special Reserve, but it’s been well worth the wait. With a rating of UMF 25+ / MGO 1200+ this is our highest grade Mānuka Honey.

As an incredibly rare, monofloral Mānuka Honey, Special Reserve is the perfect offering for health conscious honey lovers, with a taste for the exquisite.

How does Special Reserve Mānuka Honey UMF 25+ unlock moments of harmony and wellbeing?

The pace of modern life is hectic. Many of us live in population dense, unrelenting cities that are rich and vibrant, yet at times feel overwhelming. Living a high-stress urban lifestyle often separates us from nature, leaving a desperate need for personal downtime and a moment in which our world stops spinning and we can find some balance.

Comvita’s Special Reserve is the perfect wellness product to help you slow down, reset and take the time to nurture your wellbeing. Offering a rare moment of harmony in every serving, it really is nature's elixir. For those who truly appreciate the finer things in life, Special Reserve is an authentically crafted Mānuka Honey experience that reconnects you with nature while enhancing wellness from within.

How does Comvita work in harmony with nature and strive to protect it?

Ever since the 70’s, Comvita has been guided by an enduring belief in the power of nature. Our purpose – ‘Working in harmony with bees and nature in New Zealand to heal and protect the world’. It’s an ethos that guides us daily when creating the best high quality pure Mānuka Honey wellness products, while simultaneously caring for the environment that produced it.

‘Kaitiakitanga’ is the Māori concept of guardianship and protection of nature; a concept that’s been an integral part of our journey from day one. And almost half a century later, we continue to be guided by Co-Founders Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen’s passion for the healing power of nature, caring for the environment and leaving the planet better off than we found it.

Sure, we don’t know everything about the workings of nature, but that’s where the magic comes in. Because when we give nature the time to thrive, unbelievable things happen. Eco-systems flourish, forests grow, and wildlife prospers – all working in harmony to create something pure, precious and incredibly rare.

Through research, scientific rigour and respect for Papatūānuku (the Māori ‘Earth Mother’), Comvita continues to act with an unspoken duty of Kaitiakitanga, being guardians of the land, harnessing the wonders of Mānuka Honey and propolis, while still caring for the environment.

Simply our most precious Mānuka Honey.

When it comes to personal wellbeing many turn to modern medicine, while others may look to nature. Through our scientific understanding of Mānuka Honey, Comvita has the unique ability to successfully combine the best of these two worlds.

Our dedicated teams of beekeepers and scientists are constantly looking for ways to improve how we work with nature, to continue delivering the highest quality bee products to the globe. We test every single batch of our Mānuka Honey to be sure it meets (and exceeds) our own stringent quality requirements and levels of active compounds; harnessing the best of nature’s wonder and delivering it to you.

Through decades of hard work, we’ve developed the expertise to create Special Reserve Mānuka Honey UMF 25+. Made in harmony with nature, it exemplifies the quality and values that Comvita strives to deliver across our entire range of products. We’re incredibly proud of Special Reserve, it truly is our most precious Mānuka Honey yet.

Want to know more about the UMF quality rating?

UMF stands for Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF™). It’s an independently certified quality mark issued by the UMF™ Honey Association. The UMF™ mark is only granted to genuine monofloral Mānuka Honey from New Zealand. The higher the UMF rating, the higher the concentrations of the unique Manuka properties within the Mānuka Honey.

Read more about the science behind Mānuka Honey and the standards surrounding UMF ratings.


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