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Comvita Giftset a New Zealand collaboration


Comvita Giftset a New Zealand collaboration

We have collaborated with local New Zealand artisans to create this very special giftset, as a celebration of the passion, expertise and craftsmanship that goes into making our world famous Mānuka Honey. There are only forty of these limted-edition giftsets ever made.

It takes a great deal of time and care to make our Mānuka Honey. Every jar is nurtured through its lifecycle; from the Mānuka saplings grown in our nurseries and the Mānuka trees that thrive on our plantations, to the bees and their hives that we care for and protect, through to the precious golden Mānuka that is creamed to perfection by our expert honey-meisters. We like to think of every jar of Mānuka honey as a work of art.

In this giftset we are proud to present our UMF™ 20+ Mānuka Honey, our rarest and most precious grade of pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey, along with a delicately carved wooden honey spoon and a beautiful glass-blown drinking vessel, all hand-made by local New Zealand artists.

Local wood carver John Drost from Turnstyles Wood has been turning wood since 1985. He has lovingly hand-carved these honey spoons from reclaimed native Kauri. The ancient Kauri tree is known as the great protector of the forest and is among the oldest known tree species in the world.

The exquisite hand-blown one-of-a-kind drinking glass was commissioned from Lava Glass in the central North Island of New Zealand. The artwork in the glass is inspired by our signature red label Mānuka Honey and the flowers found on the Mānuka bush. The Mānuka flower only blooms for 2-6 weeks every year, another reason our unique

Mānuka honey is such a scarce and precious resource. Mānuka Honey is revered the world over for its unique health properties. In some cultures, it is customary to stir a teaspoon of Mānuka Honey in warm water and enjoy the drink as a daily health ritual. With this limited-edition giftset, we hope you enjoy the perfect serving of Comvita Mānuka Honey and with us, celebrate the wonder of New Zealand.