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Nature's Rarest Grade
UMF™ 25+ Manuka Honey

Nature's Rarest Grade

UMF™ 25+ Manuka Honey

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CERTIFIED UMF 25+ (MGO 1200+)  Special Reserve Manuka Honey comes from the nectar of the Manuka flower in the pristine forests of New Zealand. It takes time to create the world’s finest Manuka honey. It starts with nurturing seedlings and carefully planting Manuka trees in some of Aotearoa’s most remote forests, attended to by millions of specially selected bees who create this special reserve high grade Manuka honey.

THE GOLD STANDARD  Every batch of Comvita Manuka Honey is independently tested and certified by the UMF Honey Association. Only UMF measures the three signature compounds (Leptosperin, DHA, and MGO – the key antibacterial marker) found in genuine, monofloral Manuka Honey.

NOT ALL MANUKA IS CREATED EQUAL  Many other popular Manuka products without UMF certification are branded with self-created terms like “Factors”, "Bio-Active", or “Active”. These lack the measurable standards ensuring Manuka’s quality, purity, authenticity, and value.

BENEFITS & USES  Manuka Honey is one of nature’s powerful wonders. It contains a unique range of beneficial oligosaccharides and prebiotics, amino acids, polyphenolic and other plant-derived compounds.

NEW ZEALAND’S #1 UMF™ MANUKA HONEY BRAND  Beekeeping Since 1974, Comvita also supplies medical-grade (sterilized, high UMF) Manuka Honey, which is administered topically for its antibacterial properties to treat wounds and burns in hospitals and wound care clinics.



Comvita® UMF™ 25+ Manuka Honey can be used as a delicious spread. For preferred honey consistency, warm to soften or refrigerate to firm.

Not suitable for children under one year of age.

For topical application please use Comvita® Medihoney® brand. Do not use if cap seal is broken.


Comvita® UMF™ 25+ Manuka Honey contains pure New Zealand Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is gaining worldwide recognition for its unique properties.

UMF stands for ‘Unique Manuka Factor’, a measure of the unique properties found in honey made form the nectar of the Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium), native to New Zealand.

Comvita® UMF™ 25+ Manuka Honey is guaranteed to be at least UMF™ 25.


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连接自然的美好 ——是康维他在1974年创立的初衷。如今,康维他不忘初心,通过研究严选天然成分,精心照料蜜蜂,采集天然纯净的高品质蜂蜜。


UMF的全称是“独特麦卢卡因子(Unique Manuka Factor)”。 几乎所有正品麦卢卡蜂蜜在上市前都经过UMF™等级体系的独立认证。 UMF™是检测麦卢卡蜂蜜中独有天然活性成分的含量标准。 UMF™标志由新西兰UMF™蜂蜜协会注册,只有符合品质检测标准的蜂蜜才能使用UMF™标志。 康维他是UMF™标志许可持有会员,编号为1019。