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Bee Product Supply

Comvita Manuka flowers

Our Partners

Comvita partners with producers of high quality honey and propolis. We have a dedicated group of beekeepers who supply us with raw materials for our premium bee products, however we're always interested in talking to new suppliers who align with our requirements. If you are interested in partnering with Comvita, please see our contact details below.

About Comvita

Comvita was founded by two Paengaroa beekeepers in 1974, Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen, who set out to improve people's health and wellbeing with ingredients sourced from nature. Today, the business' founding principles still guide us; preserve the purity of the source, share knowledge, replant and replenish.


Consumers demand the best

Comvita is committed to procuring high quality honey to ensure that our customers get the very best when they need a wellness boost. This is at the forefront of our minds with daily decision making and long-term planning. If you are a beekeeper who would like to make your Mānuka honey available for sale and want more information on our quality requirements, please contact [email protected]


For any new supplier inquires, please email [email protected]



MB. 027 704 8697

E. [email protected]



MB. 021 0220 3015

E. [email protected]