Manuka Honey - Extraction from comb to drum


Once the Manuka flowering ends, the boxes full of Manuka honey are taken to a specialized extraction facility. Here the honey combs are removed and thoroughly inspected before extraction.


The combs are then carefully put through a fully automated honey extraction process. It is then spun out of the combs at very high speed and then any beeswax particles are filtered out and saved.

The raw honey is now transferred to drums, ready for transportation to the Comvita New Zealand Manuka honey production facility. At this early stage, a first testing sample is taken for quality, purity and Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) measurement. This close analysis of the honey allows Comvita to then blend with a high level of accuracy to meet the required Manuka honey UMF quality markers.

Watch the video to learn how Comvita Manuka honey is blended perfectly, ready for packing into pots:

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