Beekeeping, a career change for Adam


Beekeeping a career change for Adam

Adam Hussey started at Kiwi Bee Waikato 18 months ago, after trading in a life working under florescent lights at a Hamilton supermarket. ​

The 23 year-old says he heard there was a beekeeping job going in Kihikihi through a friend's parent, and quickly jumped on the opportunity.

"It sounded interesting, although all I really knew was that I'd be dealing with bees. But I decided to go to the interview anyway and a week later I was told I got the job!

"It turned out to be good decision, I love beekeeping. I get to work outside every day which makes me feel a lot better than I did working under fluorescents. It's physical work so I keep fit and I get to see a large amount of the New Zealand countryside that many New Zealanders don't get the chance to. I feel quite lucky," says Adam.Adam works anywhere between eight to 12 hours a day, five or six days a week, and sometimes starts as early as 4.30am. He says most of his time is spent out at different hive sites in the area.

"When we're back at site it's because we're storing our gear, preparing new hives or fixing existing ones, and then obviously we have an extraction facility here too.

"Depending on the time of year I will have different responsibilities in my role. At the start of the season I might be feeding the hives up, loading them with protein supplements. Then further into the season I'll have to put super boxes on the hives, or split the hives so they're all evenly sized at the site. I'm also responsible for putting in queen excluders, to stop the queen bees getting up into the honey boxes," he says.

Outside of work Adam is into motorsport; he's building two cars at the moment and he's also a keen motorbike rider. A recent accident on his motorbike actually left him with a broken arm. Luckily his doctor reckons he'll be back to full health in no time.

An Alumni of Hamilton Boy High School, Adam says he was most interested in Physics, Calculus and Food Technology at School. And despite gaining his Level 3 Apiculture certificate through Comvita, he insists he's 'more of a hands on learner than a book worm'.

One thing that is for sure is Adam's plan to stay in the beekeeping industry for a long while yet.

"I'm really happy with where I'm at at the moment. I've learnt so much about beekeeping so quickly. I haven't thought too much about 'where to from here', I'll just see what avenues become available to me within the beekeeping industry as I gain more experience. It's the place I want to be," says Adam.