Manuka Honey - Drum Draining

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The Comvita honey meisters now go to work. With special care and adherence to the highest international quality standards they transfer the Manuka honey from drums ready for blending.

The Manuka honey batch is formulated from selected drums and then transferred into special tanks where the honey is gently stirred and cooled.

Care is taken to ensure the Manuka honey health benefits including the special enzymes present in the honey are not destroyed. The result is a natural granulation that creates the wonderful smooth firm texture and flavour profile of Comvita’s renowned UMF Manuka honey.

Only once these characteristics are present does the quality control team approve the Manuka honey batch for release and final filling into jars. Throughout the process real time electronic data reporting keeps track of key production and quality measures.

Watch the video to learn how Comvita Manuka honey is blended perfectly, ready for packing into pots:

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