Manuka Flowers – where it begins

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In the remote New Zealand countryside, far from cities and the modern world, nature continues to hum to an ancient rhythm. Here, amidst the blooming of spring honey bee is hard at work. This is the start of a story that combines science, technology and nature to create a brand of honey like no other.

Comvita was founded in 1974 with a vision to care for the health of the community. Today, Comvita is one of New Zealand’s largest and the only publicly listed Honey Company and it’s founding vision remains as strong as ever.

So when it comes to the making of Comvita Manuka honey, quality and purity of source is everything. United by a pursuit of excellence, it’s people are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of quality are applied at all steps of the Manuka honey making process. This process starts well before the bee hives are placed amongst nature.

Watch the video to see where the Manuka honey story starts:

  Read the rest of the Manuka Honey Story  - From Hive to Table:

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