Essentials for staying well when you travel

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Here at Comvita we know you love to travel and explore the world, that’s why we’ve put together a few travel essentials for every occasion, to support your wellness inside and out.

Essentials for staying well when you travel

While travelling, our immune system can be compromised, inadvertently impacting our plans and the enjoyment of the destination. This is because public transport systems such as planes, buses and trains are the perfect environments for bad bacteria to accumulate. If your immune system isn’t working to its full potential, then your wellness could be compromised.

There are proactive things we can do to prepare for long haul flights, airport layovers and crowded tourist destinations.

Keeping well when travelling starts before you even begin your trip. Help to support your immune system by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and staying hydrated. You can also include supplements to help your immune system, here are some of our favourites.

Olive leaf extract 1-a-day capsules are the perfect addition to build up immune support leading into your journey. Olive leaf extract has been traditionally used in western herbal medicine to support the immune system, as you’ll be wanting it to perform at its peak when you’re off adventuring.

Let’s not forget about the dry air in planes, airports and buses and what this can do to our skin and lips, Comvita’s Propolis Lip Balm comes to the moisturising rescue when your lips start to feel dry.

If we’re talking protection at the front line, we have some new kids on the block that are bursting to get picked up and put in your travel bag, please welcome TravelGuardTM and HoneyBlisTM, both containing BLIS K12TM, the first probiotic strain specifically developed in New Zealand to support oral cavity health.

TravelGuardTM and HoneyBlisTM Oral probiotics are formulated specifically to help support healthy levels of good bacteria in the oral cavity, this is achieved by using a specific strain of good bacteria which accumulates in the mouth, producing two powerful bacteriocins proteins that inhibit encroaching deleterious bacteria, rupturing the cell wall and thus stopping the multiplication of the bad bacteria.

BLIS K12 is an extremely safe yet powerful strain of a probiotic called S. salivarius which normally occurs in the mouth and throat. Most probiotics target the intestinal tract whereas BLIS K12™ probiotic is the world’s only probiotic for mouth and throat. It is the world’s first bacterial replacement probiotic derived from the oral cavity for specific application to the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract.

The whole family can take BLIS K12TM oral probiotics. They’re safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children who can suck a lozenge. We recommend the products are used for ages 3 years and above.

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