Experience Comvita, Paengaroa, Auckland Viaduct Store and Auckland Airport Store

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Welcome to Comvita retail. Come and visit us at our head office in Paengaroa for a fantastic guided tour, or visit our flagship store in downtown Auckland or take the gift of nature home with you as you depart at Auckland international airport.
Comvita New Zealand Retail Stores


Guided Tours  - an all age, all weather experience

Join us on a unique voyage of discovery where we share the wonder of nature’s intelligence. Explore the healing power of nature through New Zealand’s native plants, including Manuka. See the world through the eyes of the magnificent honeybee and learn how they share the gifts of nature with us. In the beehive immerse yourself in their world. Your tour concludes in the wellness room, a place to reconnect and reflect on how we can learn from the bees and nature to live healthy lives.

Virtual Reality - We all agree that to be up close with bees is not what everyone wants to do. But to appreciate the wonderful work they do, to be close is the best way!! We believe here that Comvita has found the perfect match. Come to Experience Comvita and try our exclusive Virtual Reality! Take off in a helicopter and experience becoming a beekeper in a remote and pristine area of New Zealand amongst our famous Manuka.

Tour Bookings: Contact us to inquire or book 0800 BEES BEES or 07 533 1987

23 Wilson Road South, Paengaroa Te Puke 3189, New Zealand Freephone: 0800 493 78223 Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30-4:00 Saturday & Sunday 9:30-4:00 Email: experience@comvita.com

Comvita Retail Store and Life Lab

Compliment your visit to Experience Comvita in the Retail Store, offering a full range of Comvita health, wellness products, gifts and souvenirs.

23 Wilson Road South, Paengaroa Te Puke 3189, New Zealand Freephone: 0800 493 78223 Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00-4:00 Saturday & Sunday 9:30-4:00 Email: experience@comvita.com

Café Restore

A place to reconnect and restore. Treat yourself at Café Restore, where we offer a taste of the best produce from the Bay of Plenty, including fair trade coffee and local beers and wines.

23 Wilson Road South, Paengaroa Te Puke 3189, New Zealand Freephone: 0800 493 78223 Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00-3:30 Saturday & Sunday 9:30-3:30 Email: experience@comvita.com

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Princes Wharf, 139 Quay Street, Auckland 1010 Phone: +64 9 358 2523 Email: AucklandStore@comvita.com Opening Hours: 10:30am to 07:00pm Monday to Sunday

  • Beauty Therapy Treatments - using our lovely Natural Skincare range.
  • Free Tea and Coffee - come and have a chat, ask all questions you have always wanted answered about Comvita's range of Natural Health and Beauty products.

Auckland Airport Store



Comvita looks forward to helping you share the gift of health as you depart New Zealand.

Location: First Floor, after security Phone: +64 9 255 9440 Email: AAPStore@comvita.com Opening Hours: 4.30am to 12.00am Monday to Sunday (7 days)

  • Comvita’s Auckland Airport kiosk is located after security in the departures area of the International Terminal.
  • All Comvita products are sold tax free at Auckland Airport.
  • Comvita accepts Eftpos and all major credit cards including China Union Pay. 
  • Auckland Airport Store

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