Gold Stirring Spoon

Gold Stirring Spoon

Can be used to mix your Olive Leaf Extract Liquid with water or take directly from the spoon.
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Can be used to mix your Olive Leaf Extract Liquid with water or take directly from the spoon.

Made from stainless steel with a matt finished to be a balanced weight with high resistance to corrosion, and titanium coating that will remain in place if handled with care.

Volume: 15ml
Measurements: 21.5cm
Weight: 74g
Colour: Gold
Material: 18/10 stainless steel with a matte finish Titanium coating (non-toxic and safe coating)

Prior to first-time use, please rinse with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid.

After each use, promptly wash off residues and food stains with a soft sponge. Do not use abrasive sponges or scrubs.

We cannot guarantee that a dishwasher would not affect the exterior finishes as there are various factors involved (eg. type of dishwasher, dishwasher detergent, etc.). As such, it is recommended to only handwash the flatware to preserve the exterior as well as possible.

However, if you use the dishwasher, please wash the flatware at a temperature lower than 104°F / 40°C. Too high temperatures can result in a chemical reaction and cause the coating to fade.

When washing, use mild dishwashing liquid only and avoid citrus-scented, chlorine-based and anti-limescale detergents. Do not use abrasive sponges or scrubs.

After each wash, dry with a soft towel to prevent water marks, discoloration and film buildup.

When storing your flatware pieces, place in a dry and well-ventilated area.

Keep spoons and forks separately from the knives to avoid scratches on the surface.

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