Honey colour, texture and taste

The colour of honey can change naturally due to storage conditions and age. Comvita honey is a natural product, and like a good wine, it can grow in flavour and darken in colour with age. Honey should be stored at temperatures below 25ºC.

When we work with our honey batches at Comvita, we consider the colour of the various honey drums used. Raw honey will vary in colour depending on the time of the year harvested, the region it’s collected from and most importantly the floral source. Comvita’s honey creaming process is extremely helpful for maintaining the honeys' consistency in texture but the colour is dependent on region and climate.

If your honey is firmer than expected, this may be due to how the honey has naturally crystallised, or It could also be due to a reduction in temperature during transportation or storage. Placing the pot of honey in warm water will soften the honey. For your preferred honey consistency, warm to soften or refrigerate to firm.

It is important to remember that all Comvita honeys are pure and safe, with no other compounds added. You can expect some natural variations of colour, texture and flavour from one batch to another, this is because honey is a totally natural product from the hive.

We treat every drop of our honey with absolute care - from the hive to your home, we go to great lengths to source, harvest and ensure its always of the highest quality.

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