At Comvita, one of our core values is guardianship and we believe in working in harmony with bees and nature to help protect the land. Our partnership with Saving the Wild is part of our Harmony Plan.

Our latest mission, the Saving the Wild Beekeeping Project, is about helping restore and strengthen the delicate balance between humans and nature, whilst generating positive social outcomes in our global communities.

Author: Jamie Joseph | Climbing Trees, Moving Bees

"I don't get scared like this when we have a (rhino) sting operation,” I said quietly to a friend as we began loading up the safety vehicle.

To which he aptly replied, "This is a sting operation."

It is the Kenyan way to hang beehives in trees, as this helps increase the rate of colonisation. And while it’s incredible to witness these guys deftly climbing trees and moving bees, after more than 15 hours staring at trees and reeling with anxiety, I made the decision that this does not need happen again if it’s a Saving the Wild project. My team already put their lives at risk in South Africa by fighting the organized crime that enable rhino poaching, so why take unnecessary risks when we can create a solution.

It really did feel at times like ‘walking on the moon’ as we walked over volcanic rock from tree to tree. One thing we could count on for sure were the Comvita bee suits. No tears, no stings, they have never failed us. The bee hives are now safely secured in their own bee house, that will protect them from natural predators, and keep the team safe as well.

Watch the latest Saving the Wild video here:


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