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Comvita Beekeeper Spotlight: Meet Dion



Humans have been beekeeping for nearly 10,000 years, cultivating safe and healthy places for bees to form thriving colonies. Some of the oldest parts of that tradition are alive and well at Comvita, where we’ve been beekeeping since 1974 (and for one of our founders, since the 1920s!). It’s important that we pass down the craft of beekeeping to new generations, and blend the old ways with the new to create the world’s #1 UMF™ Manuka Honey. So we’d like to introduce you to the beekeepers blending modern science and heritage tradition, passionately stewarding the bees and the ecosystem to create healthy, sustainable honey.

This is a conversation we had with Comvita Beekeeper Dion Curtin.

How did you start beekeeping?

I purchased a small farm that came with a few hives. Talk about a steep learning curve!

What do you love about it?

I really like being out in nature. Beekeeping requires you to be many things, often all at once, and I enjoy that challenge.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

How did you come to Comvita?

After selling my own small commercial beekeeping operation I applied for a “dream job” breeding Queen Bees for Comvita.

Beekeeper, queens, pollination, honey, manuka honey, nature

What do you like about Comvita?

I really like being part of a company making quality wellness products. There’s a real positive team culture and I’m stoked to be part of that.

What sustainable practices are you employing?

We aim to minimize waste and generally try to have a low impact on the natural environment we are working in.

What do you learn from bees?

A lot! One thing is with the right inputs and care, a natural thing can really thrive.

How do you use Comvita products?

I particularly like the propolis range. The toothpaste is great!


Yoga is my first love. I also like riding my motorcycle, beach walks with the dog, and delicious food.

What would you tell someone interested in trying beekeeping?

You’re gonna get stung!

Beekeeper, queens, pollination, honey, manuka honey, nature