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Bee Aware

Comvita is proud to support Apiculture NZ for Bee Aware Month 2020. Our mission is to get local communities who care about the environment and future of NZ ,to ‘Bee a hero’ this Bee Aware Month by taking action to ensure our littlest heroes - the bees - are thriving in their environment.

This year we're excited to partner with Bees Up Top to help us educate communities on the role and importance of bees and ways that we can do our bit to protect them. Bees Up Top is a charitable organization based in Auckland. Their aim is to increase New Zealand’s bee population by supplying healthy, happy hives to urban areas and to educate our future generation on the importance of keeping our little workers around

Urban Beekeepers Jessie Baker and Luke Whitfield are the dynamic duo behind Bees Up Top. The couple rescues bee swarms and re-homes them to the public who can rent a hive to support the increase in the world bee population. 80% of proceeds from their beehives go back into helping to rescue more bees by building them warm hives and treating them for diseases.

WIN A BEEHIVE FOR A YEAR: Have you ever thought about having your very own beehive? Delicious raw local honey from your own backyard? Thanks to our partnership with Bees Up Top, one lucky Auckland family could win their very own beehive for a year. (No beekeeping skills necessary, Bees Up Top take care of everything). Be following @comvita_nz and @beesuptop Instagram and for details on how to enter see @beesuptop.

Comvita Manuka flowers

As beekeepers and honey makers, we believe the start of spring is a wonderful time to appreciate and celebrate our bees. Every September Apiculture NZ (the industry body for beekeepers and honey producers) runs Bee Aware Month, a national education campaign to raise public awareness of the role and importance of bees, and to encourage Kiwis to take actions to improve bee health. https://apinz.org.nz/bee-aware-month/

The theme for Bee Aware Month 2020 is “Bee A Hero”. Bees keep our planet growing by pollinating native plants, gardens and food crops. Bees are the tiny superheroes of the natural world, so Bee Aware Month aims to raise awareness about the value of bees to sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and the economy.

Throughout September, Comvita and our Bee Aware partners will be sharing a host of useful tips and bee facts so you can learn more about our littlest heroes, the bees. We’ll be asking our communities to ‘Bee a Hero’ and help out by planting bee friendly plants and taking small steps at home to help the bees thrive. Tune into our socials for cool bee facts and other practical information to help you be more Bee Aware. @comvita_au on Instagram and @Comvita New Zealand on Facebook.

Bee Aware and WIN. We're also dialing up the fun this Bee Aware Month. Wherever you live, we’re asking Kiwis to be on the lookout for bee friendly plants and flowers. Get the kids involved and join our ‘Bee Friendly Flower Hunt’. Keep your eyes peeled for bee-friendly flowers and plants in your neighborhood, or in the wild, and snap a photo when you spot them. If you’re lucky you might also snap a pic of the bees that feed on them!

To get things really buzzing we're also giving away 10 Bee Aware Prize Packs each valued at $500. To enter, share your photos of bee friendly plants to Instagram and tag @comvita_nz, and include hashtag #beefriendlyflowerhunt and you could be in the running to win in September. *

What Are Bee Friendly Plants? Here are some resources to help you identify bee-friendly plants in your neighborhood.

  • Apiculture NZ "PLANTING FOR BEES"

*Private Instagram accounts cannot be seen by Comvita – if you wish to enter from a private account, please send us a screen shot of your entry via DM.

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