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Olive Products Australia is a subsidiary of Comvita Ltd.  Based in Australia, Olive Products Australia is comprised of an Olive grove producing some of the best Olive products in the world.

Olive Leaf Australia Pty Ltd operates the world's largest Olea europaea grove dedicated to the scientific farming of olive leaves. Olive Leaf Australia has developed the proprietary EnvirOléa® system to manage almost 400,000 Olea europaea trees solely for the production of highly bio-effective olive leaf teas and fresh olive leaf complex in liquid and powder formulations.

The National Beekeepers’ Association (NBA) of New Zealand is made up of commercial and hobbyist beekeepers provide pollination services, produce honey, wax,pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom.

Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association UMFHA®  Comvita is a licensee of the UMFHA (Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association. Licence Number 1019. Comvita has been a member of UMFHA for over 18 years.

The UMF® trademark is a quality trademark that is internationally verified and recognised. It is backed by an industry quality standard, independent audits and a network of accredited laboratories around the world. You can be sure that you are buying the best quality Manuka honey and your rights as a consumer are protected.

Kiwi Extracts is an innovative producer and wholesaler of concentrates and actives for the nutraceutical food supplements market. Kiwi Extracts is a subsidiary of Comvita Ltd and  is the largest processor of propolis in New Zealand.

Derma Sciences MEDIHONEY™, the first honey-based product cleared for use in the management of chronic & acute wounds and burns in the US and in Canada.

Comvita products are marketed around the globe by enthusiastic Comvita staff.
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The Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust Inc. is a registered charitable trust. To ensure the long term survival of Kiwi in Otanewainuku Forest, and preserve our taonga of native flora, fauna and birdlife for generations to come.

GREEN GLOBE 21 is the global Benchmarking, Certification and improvement system assisting the international travel and tourism industry to attain sustainability.