Medihoney® Natural Eczema Care

Medihoney® Natural Eczema Care

When eczema is out of control, eczema is your whole life.  It’s with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Eczema affects the whole family.  Products to put on your skin, like the Comvita Medihoney® natural eczema care range can make a huge difference. 

But it’s not just about products.  You also need the support of people who understand, tips for helping you to manage day to day issues and the hope that comes from real families who have walked a similar journey to your own.  Browse the resources below to help you on your eczema journey.

Management Strategies for Eczema

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Eczema Management Plan
  Eczema Management Tips
  Sibling "I am special" booklet
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Introduction to Medihoney®

The Medihoney® Eczema Range


Support Groups:

► The Eczema Association of Australasia

Who do they serve? Eczema sufferers, carers and the wider community.

What do they offer? Support and education on a wide range of issues associated with the management of eczema.

Contact details:

► Parent to Parent New Zealand

Who do they serve? Parents of children with a health impairment or disability.

What do they offer? Trained volunteer support parents, a health information service, sibling support programme, parent education programmes and parent support groups.

Contact details: or 0508 236 236

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