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Far from being a minor cosmetic nuisance, dry skin can have a profound impact on our health and should not be ignored. Dry skin is often itchy, increasing the likelihood of skin damage from scratching. It also harbours more bacteria than healthy skin, can develop deep cracks or splits and is more prone to tearing when it is knocked or stretched.
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1/07/2014 Survival tips for managing dry, eczema skin this winter
There are many things I love about winter. A roaring fire, hearty soups, and thick feather duvets are some of my favourites. For many people though, winter is often a time when eczema flares up. Excessive skin dryness may lead to cracked, painful skin and people look to winter as a time to dread.
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30/05/2014 Keeping pets well in winter
Just as we need to rug up and stay active over the colder months, our pets need the same healthy approach. Here are some tips to keep them warm and well in winter.
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19/05/2014 Warming winter drinks
The chill of winter has arrived and it’s time to brew up a steaming mug to keep you warm and well. Here are a few of our favourite winter drink recipes to enjoy over the colder months.
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14/05/2014 Pretty fun for girls with Eczema
“Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of”. While this is very true for my two lovely daughters, we have another mantra in our house that goes like this; glam and glitter and all things that shimmer, that’s what my little girls are made for.
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5/05/2014 What your wardrobe says about you
If you’ve ever reached for your favourite red top to wear to an important interview, or avoided a particular dress after a bad date, psychology can now help you understand why. It seems that clothing and accessories may not only affect how we judge others, but also how we behave.
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16/04/2014 How to be happier at work
Considering how much time we spend at work, it’s important that we try to make the most of our time and enjoy it. It seems that happiness in the workplace is not only important for our career, but our overall wellbeing.
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25/03/2014 It’s never too late to get fit
If you’re a late starter to exercise, we have good news. A recent study has found that becoming physically active in middle age can make you up to seven times more likely to stay healthy.
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17/03/2014 COMVITA COLDCLEAR – Brand new look, even better formulation
Comvita® Propolis Cold Clear has long been known as an effective treatment for colds and flu. We are excited to announce that we have now made the formulation even better by adding some powerful Olive Leaf Extract.
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12/03/2014 8 ways to take time out
Taking some ‘me’ time away from the family can help you relax and recharge. You don’t have to escape overseas on an ‘eat, pray, love’ pilgrimage either. Here are some simple, inexpensive ways to enjoy a few moments to yourself.
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